SFTP Access

MDOQ can protect your production website and infrastructure from threats. Most Magento Extension vendors will require access to a running version of your site where any issues exist in order for them to provide effective support. With MDOQ you can rest assured that an MDOQ instance will protect your site and business from unwanted risks in providing 3rd party access to your site.

For this feature you will need an instance. If you don’t know how to roll up an instance click here.

There may be a time where you or a developer will need your sites SFTP details. With MDOQ you can easily acquire these details in a few clicks. Watch our instructional video to see how simple this really is on MDOQ!

Steps Required

  1. Select the required instance in the left pane
  2. Click the Settings (cog) icon
  3. Scroll to the base of the popup where you will see ‘SFTP Settings’
  4. Set ‘Is SFTP Needed’ to Yes, then hit the Save button.
  5. After hitting Save your instance will create the SFTP service which can be seen on the instance logs.
  6. Simply revisit the same SFTP panel in the settings popup and there you will see the required SFTP access details as indicated in the figure below.
    SFTP details