Merging An Instance

To use this feature you will need a instance. If you don’t know how to roll up an instance click here.

You have just made some changes to your instance and you want to get these ready for a release to your live site, with MDOQ this can be done in a few clicks. Watch our short instructional video to learn how to do this.

  1. Select the required instance in the left pane
  2. Click ‘Im Done’
  3. Choose the branch you want to merge into
  4. View your changes to ensure that they are there
  5. Give it a tag e.g. 3.2018.27.01
  6. Click proceed to client approval
  7. Await to see accept/decline buttons and click accept
  8. Merged! Just wait a few minutes for this to complete
  9. To ensure this has merged check your live instance, click perform release and find your tag