Applying A Patch

To apply a patch you will need a new instance (see Creating a new instance).

  1. Select the required instance in the left pane
  2. Click Support - SSH Web Console
composer require zero1limited/magento2-patches
composer require cweagans/composer-patches:^1.6.5
php bin/magento module:enable Zero1_Patches
php bin/magento patch:list
php bin/magento patch:add --patch=PRODSECBUG-2198
composer install
  1. Click Github - Git Push - Select only the composer.json, composer.lock & app/etc/config.php files
  2. Click Sync - Files - recreate the instance selecting only ‘Code’ when recreating

This should then re-run the composer install and apply the patches.

#Check the patches are applying

In order to verify 100% that the patches have applied, you can check the log files in your instance. Pleaes review the animation below which illustrates one patch applied successfully and one patch failing. If you get ‘Could not apply patch!’ you will need to escalate your issue to a developer.

Easy patching Magento 2

If you did not receive any patch errors, you are ready to Deploy!