Tool Belt

The Mdoq Tool Belt is a collection of actions that have been automated, there are 3 subsections of actions:

  • Reports
    A variety of useful reports that can be ran against the selected instance.
  • Actions Tasks that commonly carried out by developers that can now be carried out by anyone.
  • Snapshots The ability to perform backups of different parts of the selected instance, as well as download historic ones.

The tool belt is available on all instance types, but the actions and jobs differ, below is a full list of all the actions available.

  • DB Size Report A job to analyze table sizes within your DB.
  • Get Tag A job to get the tag production is on.
  • Messy Root A job to analyze and clean up unexpected files in the root of your webserver
  • Old Media Report A job to analyze your media directory and identify files that can be deleted.
  • Php Info A job to get phpinfo
  • Reset Admin Passwords A job to easily change / reset your Magento admin user passwords for enhanced security.
  • Reset Admin Path A job to easily change your Magento admin path for enhanced security.
  • Security Report A job to create a basic security report from your site.