The support dialog provides access to common developer helper tools. These tools can be opened in the same window or in a new tab by selecting the “open in new window” button.

Mdoq Support Dialog

Mysql Console

The console allows access to the database on the instance with an intuative web gui, that allows mysql commands to be ran against the instance. As well as returning them in an easy to view format. Mysql Console

Logs Viewer

This links to a Pimp My Logs set up tailor configured for your instance. Pimp My Logs

SSH Console

The links to a web ssh console, that allows you to run any cli commands as web user. This includes magento commands as well as some other common tools used by developers. These include: Composer and Pestle. SSH Console

Code Editor

This links to a full web base IDE that allows you to view and edit files directly on the instance. Web IDE