Deployment Process

This page should explain the concepts and principles of how the deployment process works.
Even though Magento 1 and Magento 2 are different platforms, with slightly different deployment pipelines. The differences between them is handled transparently by Mdoq to allow you to get on with what you need to do.
Development Operations (DevOps), from a releases standpoint, can be split into two general categories:

  • Frequent releases, with small amount of changes.
  • Fewer releases, with a larger amount of changes.

Mdoq at it’s heart uses the agile/iterative development mentality, the general idea behind this mentality is, do smaller changes and release more often. It is out of scope of this explanation to compare the merits of many small iterative developments over fewer larger developments. However Mdoq supports both approaches so it can aid you, with whichever your preference.
To explain the process we will first look at how you can use Mdoq to release a single development, we will then add to this to show how Mdoq handles concurrent developments, and then finally how Mdoq can be used to group developments together and release them all at once.

Single Development

  1. Create a new instance
  2. Do what ever development is required
  3. Select I’m

Concurrent Developments

Grouped Developments